Burger King Japan's Bakin' Up a Big Bacon Bargain

Got a yen for bacon? Got a hundred yen? Then get your appetite to Burger King Japan! For a limited time only, the popular fast food chain is offering customers 15 strips of bacon on any Burger King burger for just 100 yen ($1.20). Burger King Japan usually offers 3 strips of bacon for 60 yen (72 cents) so the limited time deal raises the bacon per buck ratio by a whopping (whoppering?) 500%.

The Big Bacon Deal is available at most Burger King Japan stores after 10:30am and applies to the following Burger King burgers: Whopper, Whopper with Cheese, Cheese& Bacon Whopper, Double Whopper with Cheese, and the Fresh Avocado Whopper. Extra bacon on my Fresh Avocado Whopper? Put me down for one of those, stat!

Deal or not, some bacon-lovers still won't be satisfied with a meager 15 strips of bacon and will gladly fork over more yen for more bargain bacon – and Burger King Japan seems to be all right with that.

You may have wondered about the mega-baconated burger shown above which appears to have WAY more than 15 strips of bacon between the buns. In this case appearances do not deceive: Rocketnews24 sent one of their reporters to a participating Burger King and ordered him to order 150 strips of bacon, presumably for 1,000 yen or $12... and BKJ let him get away with it! Will you be so lucky? You've got a limited amount of time to find out. (via Japan Probe and Rocketnews24)

Apr 21, 2012
by Anonymous

its a very rich and fatty

Its a very rich and fatty food but its very tasty.