Burger King Japan's “King's Turkey Party Set” Lets You Party Like It's 1539!

It's good to be the king, especially if you're England's Henry the Eighth in full-on turkey leg nomming mode. Now Burger King Japan is channeling good king Hank's festive side with the “King's Turkey Party Set”, a deluxe Christmas dinner for two featuring a pair of royally massive smoked turkey drumsticks!

While not a reason to revive Burger King's creepy King mascot (one would hope), the King's Turkey Party Set is a prince of deal and another worthy challenger to Kentucky Fried Chicken's stranglehold on Japan's Christmas dinner tradition... or is it?

At the risk of spoiling the party, let's look inside the box – bag, whatever – and see if the King's Turkey Party Set rates as Your Highness or You're Heinous.

First off, BK Japan is offering the Set in a choice of courses: one with chicken tenders and two sauces (honey mustard and BBQ), and another slightly healthier variation that yanks the breaded strips in favor of a chicken Caesar salad. You'll pay 2,300 yen (about $23) for the former and 2,600 yen (about $26) for the latter.

The balance of the meal is mainly made up of assorted fried finger foods: a pair of hash browns and double orders of onion rings and fries. These pale into insignificance when placed alongside the two 21cm (8.4”) long smoked turkey legs.

Burger King Japan began taking reservations for the King's Turkey Party Set on November 18th (you read that correctly: Burger King taking reservations!) and is offering an “Early Bird” (get it?) five-percent discount to those who reserve their festive feast before December 15th. (via Gigazine and Fashion Cruise)