Burger King's Twitter Hacked: Hilarity Ensues

Burger King's Twitter HackedBurger King's Twitter Hacked

This weekend, Burger King's Twitter account was hacked by Anonymous members, and they promptly started replacing the logos, graphics and avatars of the company with McDonald's equivalent and other funny items. Immediately, fans started retweeting some of the quotes that the hackers would post on the account, leading to a lot of media attention. While it's not clear what exactly the hackers were after, they spent a long time abusing the account.

Tweet from the hacked accountTweet from the hacked account

Of course, for the fast food chain this was likely not anywhere near as funny. It is a stark reminder of how important it can be for any business to keep a close eye on their PR messages. This account has over 84,000 followers and at this time is still suspended by Twitter until the hack can be rectified. While fans may seem to have a lot of fun retweeting these messages, it can be disastrous from a marketing perspective, especially if it lasts for a long time. Security measures like selecting strong passwords and keeping a short leash on who has access to the account ought to be already well known.

This seems to be part of #OPMadCow, an operation led by the Anonymous group, although there is no real way to know who is behind this attack. For now, it seems like most of the coverage from mass media focuses on the hack itself, and only time will tell whether this will end up being positive or a dark mark for the company.