Burn Baby Burn! The Ultimate Designer Cake Candle

With Valentine's Day coming, I'm sure you're looking for yummy gifts for your sweetheart.  If a chocolate heart cake is among your choices, this Cake Candle from design house Moss is the ultimate topper.

But make sure the Valentine's cake is thick and strong, because this Cake Candle is 9 inches high and made of paraffin wax, so it's no lightweight. 



Made in France by Point a la Ligne, the three-layer Candle borrows styles from traditional, rococo and modern design.  Each layer of the Candle represents a cake in itself.

This absolutely stunning Cake Candle burns for 20 hours and comes with a refill insert for the top level.  Oh, and did I mention, the Cake Candle also comes with a price tag of $175 from Moss Online?