Burner Phone Numbers And Ghostbot Text Replies The Latest Thing In Dating Apps

 Burner Mobile App & Ghostbot Autoreply for Daters: Ghostbot will let Mr. Persistent down slow and easyBurner Mobile App & Ghostbot Autoreply for Daters: Ghostbot will let Mr. Persistent down slow and easy


There are apps for just about everything now. They can help you monitor your home, pick out what to wear, get your kids to call you back, track your workout or diet progress and even turn your lights on and off for you, just to name a few. Now, there are apps to use in conjunction with dating so you never have to give your real number out or personally attend to blowing off a date (or stalker) by yourself again. Ghostbot will do it for you. Ghostbot is an automated reply system used with a Burner temporary phone number for masking your own number, giving you a layer of protection against the rising tide of kooks out there.

Burner Mobile App

Burner is an app that allows users to create fake temporary phone numbers to hand out to dates and potentials they’re still on the fence about. The vetting process can be tricky. This way, if they turn out to be a nut job or there just wasn’t any real chemistry between the two of you, you don’t have to worry about said nut job or Mr. or Miss No-go having your real number and blowing up your phone. In the spirit in which it is intended it’s a great idea for anyone in the dating pool, but there’s also the potential for a tremendous amount of abuse with an app like this that’s too scary to think about.

Ghostbot by Burner

Here’s how it works: once you’ve decided you’re not interested, you go to the Ghostbot Website and enter in the phone number of the person and anytime a text message comes in from them Ghostbot will send a reply based on the content of the incoming text. So, let’s say hypothetically someone sends you a message saying they enjoyed themselves on your recent date and would you like to possibly get together again. Ghostbot will wait a few hours to simulate the fact that you’re really busy and then send a message saying you’re swamped and will get back with them when things die down.

Dating in the Age of Technology

I know many of you are thinking this is just pure cowardice, and to a large extent you’d be correct. But you have to remember a lot of people are super non-confrontational and don’t possess the cheek to even send back their steak if it’s cooked wrong much less reject a person. Alternately, some folks are terrible at forming replies. Part of the problem with electronic messaging is people can’t hear tone or inflection, so messages can easily end up being misconstrued. The last thing you want to do is set someone off. If it happens, though, better it happen with a fake number and an auto responder.

Mobile Apps

These free, disposable phone numbers are good for seven days and 40 texts. You can upgrade to more in the app, if need be. If you really suck at it, there are other services similar to this you can employ that provide “it’s over” or “goodbye” letters, e-mails and texts, allowing you to completely wash your hands of the whole unpleasant business. What will they think of next?