Burnie Is A Portable Self-Burning Camping Grill

When you're camping, simple tasks, like bathing and cooking, are harder since you don't have amenities like a shower and traditional kitchen equipment. Burnie Self-Burning Grill makes cooking easier and more convenient. It is a small, portable grill that burns itself for fuel.

Burnie Self-Burning GrillBurnie Self-Burning Grill

Simple Design

Burnie Self-Burning Grill is about as simple of a design as they come. It's a segment of a log, cut around the edges to allow for air flow, with coals and another segmented piece of wood in the center. When you light it, the center burns first and eventually, the entire Burnie Grill burns itself out.

The construction is borrowed from the ancient Nordic technique for burning stumps. This method has been used for centuries and provides hours of fire and heat from just one log. Check out the video below of a DIY Sweedish Fire Torch, which is essentially the same design.

Burnie's Specs And Uses

Burnie comes in two sizes, large and medium. The large is about 12" in diameter and 5" tall, and the medium is about 9" in diameter and 5" tall. I say "about," because this little grill is made of 100% all natural alder wood, and so the dimensions can varry, depending on the width of the all natural tree it was made from.

Of course, because it is made from 100% all natural wood and has no chemical additives, it is environmentally friendly--more like best friends. And because it is so small, it can fit into most backpacks.

The large version of the Burnie Grill will burn for about 2.5 hours and the medium will burn for about 1.5 hours. Think about that--you get around 2 hours of fire/heat from what is basically a small chunck of firewood. 

View From The Top Of BurnieView From The Top Of Burnie

Campers love that Burnie is small and portable, and they love not having to search for wood to make a fire, or having to clean up after a campfire or portable grill fire. You can use Burnie for cooking, a source of heat or just pop one down on the patio table for some light and heat during a backyard gathering. 

Cooking with Burnie is simple--just light it in a safe area, wait about 20 minutes for it to warm up and then you can either cook directly on Burnie, or use a grill grate. Burnie is great for roasting marshmallows, grilling kabobs, cooking fish, steak, burgers and just about any food you enjoy grilling. 

Grilling With BurnieGrilling With Burnie

Because Burnie is 100% all natural and burns out on its own, there's no re-using it. It's gone when it's done burning. However, the units come relatively cheap. A large will run you around $17 and a medium around $15. Unless you live in one of the Carolinas, you won't find Burnie in any stores around you, however you can order them from the Burnie Grill website.