Burning Man Bike Camper

This innovative little contraption is a camping trailer built for a bike. The designer and sole resident of the camper, Paul, built the camper and used it as his accommodations for the recent Burning Man.

Like a regular camper, this innovative, 100-pound beauty has all the living accessories that you need: solar powered oven, solar water heater for showers and washing and a urinal funnel. The one thing that it lacks is a commode worthy of hosting a deuce, but that's probably a good thing considering its slim, close-quarter proportions. 

Paul designed the off-the-grid special as an experiment based on a what-if idea of Swine Flu leading to an isolating, apocolyptic disaster forcing him to be fully self-sufficient. It looks like a pretty successful experiment. 

All visions of armaggedon aside, this camper would be downright sweet for bike touring--assuming you actually had the power to tow it around. You'd have the clean freedom of the open road with a comfortable shelter to take care of all your earthly needs (except for the always inconvenient road deuce). 

Via: Dvice 

Aug 31, 2009
by Anonymous

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