Bushfire Housing: Bed Matchmaking For Fire Survivors

Space-sharing businesses aren't new; we've seen businesses that advertise available parking spaces and Single Spot Camping where homeowners lease space in their own backyard for travelers to pop a tent. Bushfire Housing is a business that offers the most intimate form of space leasing; beds. And while it may seem intrusive, read on, because it's for a good cause.

Bushfire Housing is a completely non-profit website, which uses no advertising to generate revenue or recruit clientele. Based on word of mouth throughout Australia, Bushfire Housing has been able to help people left homeless by the Victorian and New South Whales bushfires by finding them places to sleep in the community. Those with beds to spare post their information on the site, and the victims of the fires can express interest through the site if they'd like to stay. An email notification is sent, and from there, both parties can negotiate the terms of the accommodation agreement.

Bushfire Housing is a great cause, and not all businesses need to be profitable in order become successful business opportunities.

(Update: BushfireHousing.org is no longer available on the web.) 

Via: Springwise