Bushnell Makes GPS Even Smaller And Less Expensive

A few years ago, Bushnell introduced the Backtrack, a small, simple GPS unit that sold for under $100. The device stripped GPS navigation to its primitive form, providing a means of navigating from one point to the other.


Recently, I saw the BackTrack Point 3 and Point 5 units, two new Bushnell GPS devices that offer the Backtrack's simplicity in an even smaller form. The two models use the same simple 'mark a location and navigate your way back' philosophy as the original BackTrack, but are smaller, rectangular devices that could be clasped to a keyring. They each use a backlit LCD screen for versatile viewing. 

The Backtrack 5 offers storage for up to 5 locations and includes altitude, temperature and time readings.  According to Bushnell, it also boasts a faster satellite acquisition than the original BackTrack. It measures 3.5 x 2.3 x .88 inches and retails for $100

The BackTrack 3 includes storage for up to 3 locations, but doesn't offer expanded features like temperature, clock or altitude. It measures 3.25 x 2.13 x .75 inches and retails for $70.

Mark a location such as a parking lot or campsite and the BackTrack will work you back with the help of its GPS receiver. You'll get the distance and direction to your destination so that getting back is a no-hassles affair.

While these units are nice, I still prefer the even smaller, FOB-sized IDC Ecco.

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