The Business Of Clowning Around: Terrifying Stalker Clowns For Hire

We have seen businesses that are scary in their genius, scary in their creativity, and scary in the fact that they're disturbing. While many businesses end up being scary, few actually setup to attain this as the central part of their business plan, it just happens somehow. Since scary isn't generally the intended goal, those monetizing on the terrifying become all the more interesting.

If you ask around, you'll find a lot of people that are fearful of clowns - of their evil smiles and their big red noses. It just seems to be an unfortunate part of being a clown; people are afraid of you. But one smart entrepreneur realized that he could take that fact and run with it, making it into a profitable business.

You may have already heard of Dominic Deville - the evil stalking clown entrepreneur. And not to disappoint you, but no, he's not the same guy who was responsible for making the axe murderer clown videos as pictured below (though they could certainly draw inspiration from each other, being in the same terrifying clown business and all). 

Dominic Deville is a smart guy, with a varied background that decided to make a business out of becoming a stalker clown. In 2010, the Switzerland native setup shop and offered his services as a traumatizing clown to those that wanted nothing more than to give their friends the feeling that they're going to die.

There's a lot of misconceptions floating around about the services offered by one of the world's only stalker clowns. Deville has clarified that  the service was never available to stalk children, and that he only got all single white clown posse on those over the age of 18. Each stalking experience was set to last a total of 5-days, during which time he would make every effort to ensure that the subject knew they were being stalked. This was accomplished through text messages, notes, and more. By the end of the stalking term, the final assault would take place when Deville would accost the individual with the old-fashioned pie to the face routine.

Dominic DevilleDominic Deville

Sadly, Deville is no longer operating his creepy stalker clown business, which came at a cost of 666 Swiss Francs (how appropriate). But that does leave a vacancy in the market! 

Via: Itsy Bitsy Steps