The Business Of Subscription Boxes Reaches New Highs With PotBox

Subscription box services have been a trend for a number of years, popular for their convenience and the fact that they're like unwrapping a present when the contents are (somewhat of) a surprise. Everything from pet items, to razors, to delectable snacks, and makeup have been sold in this format by businesses that deal exclusively in items that are packed in cardboard and left on your doorstep once a month or so. But, if you think you've already seen it all, you'd be wrong.

The latest product to appear in a non-descript box, potentially coming soon to a doorstep near you, is PotBox. No, the company doesn't sell cookware, but if you make a purchase from them, your relationship with food is likely to improve ten-fold. That's right, as you probably already guessed, PotBox is a marijuana subscription service that still offers some element of surprise just as we've grown to expect with boxes of this nature.

Of course, these marijuana subscription services are only available to those that hold a valid license to possess it. This in itself makes it different from most other subscription box services out there, since it is only offered to an exclusive group of customers.  The surprise aspect of their monthly deliveries comes into play because subscribers don't simply choose the strain of marijuana that they would like to order each month. Instead, they can choose from two out of three types - Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Each month when the delivery is made, a new strain from the chosen categories will appear for you to sample. This does not only occur to keep you on your toes about what you'll get next; but the farmers produce different crop depending upon growing condition and a number of other factors. 

One consideration is the fact that all of the marijuana distributed by PotBox is ethically grown. This means that sustainable practices are used, all growing takes place without any kind of artificial aid, no chemicals are used, and emphasis is placed upon helping grow the industry.

The boxes that are delivered are also far more exciting as they don't just contain pot alone. Every month your order also contains two pre-rolled joints.

Naturally, the subscription services of PotBox aren't available to just anyone; all customers must have a valid medical marijuana license. 

Not surprisingly, the reception of this business has not been without controversy. However, the fact that marijuana businesses keep taking different forms proves that the industry is generating more mainstream appeal. With good reason too, as this week statistics were released indicating that new marijuana legislation in many states has lead to a 25% decline of prescription drug related deaths.