Business For The Baseball Lover: Big League Tours

Big League Tours specializes in the all-access baseball tour experience, every little boy (and girl) dreamed of as a child; and many took on movie screens with their movie dads. Big League Tours may not be recession-friendly, but it does provide the opportunity to mingle with major league baseball players and get behind-the-scenes access to world renowned baseball stadiums.

Big League Tours offers extensive tours of baseball stadiums; like the best kind of baseball roadtrip usually reserved for movie screens, which for a rather steep cost, can be brought to the regular person. All baseball tours are between two and three days long, which includes at least one if not two major league baseball games (naturally), an all-access tour of the stadium, a tour of a local baseball museum; and often, the opportunity to mingle with coaches, baseball executives and even former World Series players.

The more people you bring on a Big League Tour, the more you save; but don't expect to see recession-friendly prices since baseball tours start at about $25 USD per person.

But, if you really love baseball and feel confident about your finance, indulge in your greatest baseball fantasies.