The Business Of Bathrooms: Atlanta Closet Luxury Loos

The business of bathrooms is an industry larger than you'd think (in fact, this isn't the first we've spotted)! Toilets are one of those things that everyone needs; but no one likes a bathroom that feels like what it is, a loo, water closet, toliet or washroom. There's a new business making a big splash in the luxury loo industry today that you can't miss.

offers luxury porta-potties. I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not just the fact that their toilets happen to be white rather than the standard porta-potty green. These portable facilities are designed for classy events. Inside, there is real running water and flushing toilets.  Since their toilets are designed for classy events there are all the standards you wish you'd have in a regular porta-potty like soap, water, and toilet paper that's not so scratchy. But, they do also include a mirror, lighting, coat hooks, candles, flowers, air freshner, and even an area rug outside! They also have some add-on services like personal washroom attendants to clean and handout mints, and pretty fencing that can go around the porta-potty to disguise it. Cool, huh?

Via: Springwise

Oct 28, 2010
by Anonymous