The Business Of Boys And Their Toys: Heavy Equipment, Construction Amusement Park For Men

They have always said that boys love their toys, and I think we all know that it's an expression that refers to the over 18 male demographic. Some men prefer their video games, or their set of garage tools, but there's others that prefer entertainment that's a little bigger and little dirtier. At Mannerspielplatz, Germany's playground for men, men get to play out their construction worker fantasies and leave their suits and ties behind at the office.

At Mannerspielplatz those who are 18 years old older and have a class B license can frolic amongst the heavy machinery and really have a chance to get their hands dirty. At this playground which is marketed towards men, consumers looking for a little testosterone driven entertainment can pay 219 EURO to try their hands at 8 different construction stations. Men can participate in construction challenges like using an Excavator to move boulders, leveling a ground with a Bulldozer, zipping around in a Hummer, and taking an off-road adventure on a Quad Unimog. With addition activities taking place on board Wheel Loaders, Caterpillars, and Jeeps, men who like to get down and dirty will find themselves right in their element.

Of course, women are also invited to play at Mannerspielplatz, but I think it goes without saying that the German company's target audience is to let men live out their fantasies and have an excuse to play; breaking out of the trappings of their day-to-day lives.

Via: Springwise

May 4, 2009
by Chris Weiss

Very Cool Post

And you don't even have to go overseas to try this out. I used to live in Colorado and there was a similar type of place called Dig This. At the time (2007), I believe it was the first in the US, but there might be others now. You can get your hands on excavation equipment, bull dozers and skid loaders. Looks like a ton of fun, but it was rather expensive ($4 or $500 for a couple hours).