The Business Of Butting: Disabled Escorts For Short Amusement Park Lines

"The Happiest Place on Earth" is what the Disney franchise has been called for multiple decades. Unfortunately, the long wait times can drasticaly reduce the enjoyment that visitors take from the day. Those waiting for hours can often be heard making statements like "are we there yet?", "why isn't this line moving?", "I'm hungry or have to pee" and "my feet hurt." Some travel agencies are getting fancy and are taking measures to skirt the system so that their clients do not have to wait in such long lineups.

Disney Line CuttersDisney Line Cutters

 While there is not just one individual business that is operating using this model, it is a controversial trend that has been taking off. For a rather large sum fof money (upwards of $120 per hour)visitors to amusement parks like Disney can hire an escort  that's available to offer them some serious benefits! Of course, I do not mean in the context that some of you are likely thinking now.

The escort fee givespark-goers a disabled individual to take a tour of all the rides with them, because typically an individual with limited mobility does not have to wait in the real line.At most parks, when a disabled individua gets on a ride, the rest of their party is allowed to go with them as well.

Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this business model has attracted media attention, and not the good kind. After all, it takes advantage of the accomodations offered to the disabled, and it is ethically questionable. While the business may not take off, it's an intriguing idea that is sure to be on the rails for a train wreck the longer the services are offered. 

Via: Boing Boing