Tiny Buildings Made From Business Cards

Hiltl Building ZurichHiltl Building Zurich

Artist Sharon Mount creates cool buildings out of business cards, packaging and other forms of paper.

In the 1970’s, Sharon’s husband James started a collection of tiny buildings made from bits of cardboard packaging. They were originally intended to be Christmas decorations and soon became memories of happy times that they had visiting different places because they collected bits of papers and business cards from locations they went to.

Hiltl Building Zurich SideHiltl Building Zurich Side

Mas. New York CityMas. New York City

After her husband passed away, Sharon continued the tradition of collecting business cards and papers from places she traveled to and now makes these tiny buildings out of them to continue on with her happy memories. 

Post Office BluePost Office Blue

From her site, “As I sit down to make a tinybuilding, I feel a delicious sense of opportunity and inevitability. There are so many possibilities, but just one *perfect* tinybuilding waiting in the colors and letters and proportions of the card or packaging. The challenge is to cut and fold and paste and form the flat cardstock into a three-dimensional replica of four-dimensional memory - of an occurrence, an event, a good time and place and people.” 

Star Provisions AtlantaStar Provisions Atlanta

She always tries to use just one business card per building, but in some cases it has to be more if the building turns out bigger. 

Summer Wedding MattituckSummer Wedding Mattituck

Summer Wedding Mattituck BackSummer Wedding Mattituck Back

Wedding Chapel One San FranciscoWedding Chapel One San Francisco

Wedding Chapel Two San FranciscoWedding Chapel Two San Francisco

Wedding Chapel Three MarylandWedding Chapel Three Maryland

I love the cute tiny windows that are cut into these cards. These would make great ornaments on a tree with the Christmas lights lighting up the inside of the buildings.

I’ve only included a few of the buildings here, but there are many more on Sharon’s website at http://blog.tinybuildings.com.

Sep 19, 2008
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