Ten Great Examples Of The Business Card Revolution

I'm going to assume that we all know this by now: Business cards are no longer in the hands of the professionals, my friends.

Many people, including myself, have designed our own cards in blatant protest of the bare-bones layouts that you can get at your local office supply store.

Some of these designs are really interesting; others... well, confusing is an understatement.

I've looked at this topic before in 10 Totally Unique Business Cards Sure To Capture Your Attention.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Join me now for a look at 10 innovative card designs that capture the eye-and hopefully the job.

Business Card #1: Hinge

Now, I'm not sure what this company does.  But I'm hoping its doors and carpentry and such.  Of course, this could be one of those fringe companies that does something like... I dunno... pet grooming.

Either way, it's a great card design.  It has my interest piqued.

Business Card #2: Lodge

I couldn't really read all of the info on the card, so I'm not sure what this person/company provides.

I will say that I love it.  The credit card design is innovative and interesting.  Quite an eye-catcher.

Business Card #3: Lush Lawn & Property Enhancement

This is one of the best cards I've seen to date.  Not only does it cut directly to the services offered by the company, but it also provides product to the person reading it!

Now if only breweries came up with a card like this... though we'd probably only get hops...

Business Card #4: Wanderlust Maps & Travel Guides

Is it possible to get more clear concerning what services/products these guys offer?

I don't think so.

Business Card #5: Tweedle

Get cuter than this.  I dare ya.

Business card #6: Tag Communications Services

This is quite clever.  If I worked for this company I would attach these cards to every piece of video/audio/support gear package I had.  The word would spread nicely, I suspect.

Business Card #7: Edward Fella

A postcard business card.  Nice!  Dunno what he does, but I sure know how to find him!

Business Card #8: Reused Card

Now I'm not sure if this is real or not, but I love the idea.  It's just plain funny, ghetto, efficient, and insulting all at once.

This is my kind of card.

Business Card #9: OKParking

While I suspect this is a background of some sort, it was in the business card area of one of the sites I researched.  While cool looking, I can't imagine being able to read anything against it.

And if there's a message in there...  I can't find it.

Business Card #10: Corey Feldman

Sorry.  It's not working.

SOURCES: Flickr, Inspiredology, & Creative Bits
Sep 9, 2009
by J. Barker
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There are tons of creative card ideas out there (I like the translation idea--makes sense).  Be prepared for another article on this topic soon!