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Ten Great Examples Of The Business Card Revolution

Business Card #5: Tweedle

Get cuter than this.  I dare ya.

Business card #6: Tag Communications Services

This is quite clever.  If I worked for this company I would attach these cards to every piece of video/audio/support gear package I had.  The word would spread nicely, I suspect.

Business Card #7: Edward Fella

A postcard business card.  Nice!  Dunno what he does, but I sure know how to find him!

Business Card #8: Reused Card

Now I'm not sure if this is real or not, but I love the idea.  It's just plain funny, ghetto, efficient, and insulting all at once.

This is my kind of card.

Business Card #9: OKParking

While I suspect this is a background of some sort, it was in the business card area of one of the sites I researched.  While cool looking, I can't imagine being able to read anything against it.

And if there's a message in there...  I can't find it.

Business Card #10: Corey Feldman

Sorry.  It's not working.

SOURCES: Flickr, Inspiredology, & Creative Bits

John Barker
Clever Ads, Promotions and Marketing

Sep 9, 2009
by J. Barker
J. Barker's picture


There are tons of creative card ideas out there (I like the translation idea--makes sense).  Be prepared for another article on this topic soon!