The Business Card Revolution Continues - 10 Totally Unique Business Cards

It makes sense that in a world that is inundated with marketing tactics ranging from media blitzes to viral campaigns, the design of the business card had to evolve.  A plain ol' rectangular card just ain't gonna cut it anymore.

I've looked at this topic before, and it never ceases to amaze me at how far people will go to catch a potential client's eye.

Innovative Business Card # 1: Jim Profitt Homemade Furniture Tiniest Chair EverTiniest Chair Ever

 I like this little card.  From the tiny chair to the chicken-scratch writing, it screams homemade.  And that's the point.



 Innovative Business Card # 2: TedEx

What better way to catch the eye than by playing off of an existing mega-corporation's logo?  I couldn't pull this off; JohnEx wouldn't work (unless you're talking about my ex-wife).  



Innovative Business Card # 3: Roger Keynes, Jobless Writer

 I sooooo wish I had thought of this.



Innovative Business Card #4: Cutting Edge

I wonder if you can really shave with it?I wonder if you can really shave with it?

 It's shiny and it's shaped like a giant razor blade.  Definitely eye-catching.  But these days I'd be careful trying to board an airplane with this card.



Innovative Business Card #5: Eduard Cehovin

 Okay, so this isn't a card.  But the spirit is there.  And I like the idea of putting contact information on a rubber band.  It would be quite difficult to lose if worn on the wrist.



Innovative Business Card # 6: Biz Disc

 This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while.  Biz Disc makes CD business cards, allowing companies to place their logo on one side, and up to 450 megabytes of information on another.  To date, this is the best innovation of a card I've seen.



Innovative Business Card # 7: AGRIE Paint Services

If the card is any indication, this guy is great at edging.



Innovative Business Card # 8: Pac Blue

 I think Willy Wonka would have a business card this size.  It would be quite hard to fit in the wallet...

Seriously-this is a great ad campaign for a company specializing in large format printing.



Innovative Business Card # 9: BKK Grill

 This is an example of truly thinking outside of the box.  The card looks blank except for the words "Grill Me."  When held over a flame, the company's logo and contact info appear.  This is done by printing the information with lemon juice.

With my luck I'd set my house on fire just trying to get the phone number to call in for good barbecue.



Innovative Business Card # 10: Ninja BTL

 Ninja BTL (Below The Line) is an advertising agency in Lithuania.  Let's hope that they don't deliver their business cards by throwing them... though I suppose that would definitely get a potential client's attention just in blood loss alone...

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