Unusual and Unique Business Cards Make for Smart Marketing

What better way to market yourself than your business card.

A business card is just a business card...or is it?

They seem to be getting more and more creative.

Like this one for a pharmaceutical company:

Or this one for a map company:

Then there is this one for health club employees:

But have things gotten out of control?


There is now business card oragami.

Or check out this business card that literally sprouts a miniature garden when you dip it in water.


Accord to eBizTutors.com, this business card is for Another Bloomin’ Designer.” The logo was also cut into a “seed stencil” that allowed the logo to be grown on either earth or lawn; on uncut grass, the message would remain hidden until the area was mown.”

Or the newest business cards available; you can actually put your contact and company info onto a peanut shell.


That's right; you can actually put up to 700 characters on a peanut shell.

And it's not stopping there, you can use any hard organic materials like beans, nuts, rice and pasta.

Source: Anvari and eBizTutors

Amy Gifford
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Jul 19, 2007
by Joni (not verified)

These are great samples of Unique Business Cards

Boy, these cards are different! They do make the companies stand out from the multitude of boring business cards that most business have. Don't know how long the peanut cards would hang around, but it is a surprising way to hand out your contact info!

Thank you for sharing these great examples. I would love to see more.