Business Finds People To Do Your Dirty Work

Recently I introduced you to Friendly Favors, a site that helps you beg and plead a friend or family member to help you out. While some might have called a service like that helpful, most found it to be defeating the purpose of the nature of favors in itself. Well, now there's a similar service that doesn't take advantage of friends, but does allow people to get others to do their stuff. allows businesses or people to post stuff that they need done and other businesses or individuals can bid to do their dirty work. Whether posters need their dogs walked, need help setting up a mailing program for a business, or painting a house, they can use to seek out personal assistants to help them out. Once a job is posted, assistants can bid within the set bidding duration, including how much it will cost to complete the job, how they intend to get it done, and when the job will take place.

Once the bidding duration has ended, posters looking for help can review assistants how have placed a bid on and choose the assistant they would like to work with. At that point, contact information can be exchanged. Those who need help with a job don't pay anything to post, but assistants looking to place a bid do pay a small fee to keep in operation.

With it's a win/win for both sides; people get their dirty work done, while others get the chance to earn some cash. Plus with this service, there's no need to take advantage of friends and family, unless they really want to be generous!

Jun 4, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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Hey Beth, This is great! 

Hey Beth,

This is great!  I'm going to check into this myself!  Thanks!

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