The Business of Grave Plot Sales: Buying Burial Plots with Celebrity Neighbors

Unless you've buried a love one, you probably don't realize just how big of a business the sale of grave plots happens to be; it's an industry in itself that seems like it might operate on poor moral grounds, taking advantage of the bereaved. That aside, it's a profitable industry, especially when it comes to dealing with the sale of graves near the final resting places of celebrities.

Celebrity GravesCelebrity Graves

The business of grave plot sales has been in the media lately, since it's been publicized about just how expensive plots have become since the burial of Michael Jackson at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. While plots at this cemetery used to go for about $7,000, many of the no frills burial locations have raised to prices as high as nearly $10,000 and even $35,000 for the prime locations that are private with great views.

The grave plot sales business works much like the real estate market, it's all about location, location, location, and while it might sound a little bit extreme to charge as much as a slightly broken in used car for a hole in the ground, it's the reality of the industry. But as in life, there's people who want the notoriety of associating with celebrities, and even in death, are willing to pay the price!

Via: Metro Lyrics