The Business Of Halloween Horror: 5 Historical Haunts To Horrify You This Halloween

Halloween is a huge business, but sometimes the classic historical haunts get overlooked. The businesses based on haunting history, do however offer some of the most horrifying experiences available in the United States, and here are some of the top 5 historical haunts that you should let horrify you this Halloween!

#5 Historical Haunt to Horrify - Gettysburg


In Pennsylvania, Gettysburg is a huge part of American History, but it's also found its way into the files of the paranormal as well. The Gettysburg Battlefield itself has been under investigation after tourists who have believed they were under the guidance of war re-enactors discovered that no such people were present.  But, it's not just the Battlefield of Gettysburg that's ready to horrify visitors with its history; since the famous Civil War battle took place so close to the town of Gettysburg, many homes and buildings throughout the area became make shift hospitals and shelters for the sick and wounded. Those looking to be horrified this Halloween, can take a walk through the Haunted locations under the guidance of haunting tours like Haunted Gettysburg which will make sure that no one has to miss a second of the terrifying tales around what took place in town locations such as the Farnsworth House, the Jenny Wade House, The Culp Farm or the Devil's Den.

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#4 Historical Haunt to Horrify - Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State PenitentiaryEastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (as if the state doesn't already have enough horrifying haunts with Gettysburg) plays upon their place in history as one of the historical haunts to horrify during the fall season, since around Halloween they turn it into a "real" haunted house. Inventor Spot wrote about the Terror Behind the Walls Night Time Haunted House at the Eastern State Penitentiary back in 2006 but this location has far more terror involved than just the ghosts and ghouls that jump out to make you pee your pants; it's got a horrifying history that will really give you the heebie jeebies.

The Penitentiary is open year round to provide tours of the cells, as well as during the day for the Halloween season for those who want a more authentic experience. The Penitentiary offers narrated tours for $12 per adult admission, and despite the fact that it was a prison focused on reform rather than punishment, many paranormal activity experts have investigated at this haunted location, and documentaries have been filmed here to capture the disgruntled spirits who still reside there.  If you're lucky, during your tour, you might even encounter Al Capone or Willie Sutton who did time there, but don't expect any living criminals to sneak up on you, since the prison has seized operations since the 1970's.

If a classic haunted house, free from history, is more your speed, you can also visit for Terror Behind the Walls until Halloween at $20 to $30 per person for admission depending on when you choose to attend.

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#3 Historical Haunt to Horrify - The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley HotelThe Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is located near the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, it offers a classy, old-fashion atmosphere and beautiful views to appeal to business travellers or adventure people alike; and while all of this is prominently outlined on their website, the presence of other more unwanted guests is not included, proving, that while they're known for their paranormal activity, this isn't part of their marketing program.

 It has a real haunted history, with paranormal activities that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining while taking up residence at the hotel. It's one location where evidence of moving objects and other unexplained activities have been documented on video by the Paranormal Activity Society. Unlike in the Shining, the ghosts that haunt The Stanley Hotel are actually pretty tame; the fourth floor where the servants quarters were once located is the most active with paranormal activity, and it's also believe that the original owners haunt the premises making appearances in the music room to play the piano and in the lobby to play a few rounds at the billiard table that's onsite.  This is one historical haunt that you can't just go and gawk, although, you can contribute to their front as a reputable business that appeals to more than just ghost hunters by booking a room - 418 where the most activity has been reported, or 217 where Stephen King penned his masterpiece are both good picks.

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#2 Historical Haunt to Horrify - The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills SanatoriumThe Waverly Hills Sanatorium

There's just something about a former hospital, particularly one that once housed tuberculosis patients who didn't exactly receive high standards of quality care. Some still question whether treatments for the disease were in fact that, or if they were torture, even at this Sanatorium that was once considered the most advanced medical facility of its kind. Hundreds died at this facility, some as a result of the disease itself, and others due to the treatments that included balloons implanted in the lungs, muscles and ribs removed to allow more expansion of the lungs, direct UV light applied to the lungs, and sunbathing in freezing cold temperatures for exposure to fresh air. While many of the paranormal experiences that take place here are reported to be harmless -  deceased children with balls, an undertaker dropping and picking up coffins in a hearse, and a resident cooking in the kitchen; some aren't quite so tame.

Room 502 at The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an area of the building where clearly, the now deceased former patients just weren't having such a great time. Reports include grumbles of "get out", people jumping to their death, and ominous shapes moving in the windows.

The Waverly hills Sanatorium has been open to narrated historical tours for years, and they've also succumbed to the Halloween trend of a gimmicky haunted house; if that's your thing, attend and keep it in your mind that some of the apparitions you're seeing might not just be part of the theme props, they could be real and they might not be so happy. The business operating here is sure to horrify this Halloween; there's just something about once tormented hospital patients that just sets the stage for horrifying haunts.

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#1 Historical Haunt to Horrify - The Bell Witch Cave

 Bell Witch CaveBell Witch Cave

The story of the bell Witch is one that's gone down in history as one of the most terrifying paranormal experiences imaginable. The story began on a farm in Tennessee where the Bell family, including John Bell moved to start a new life. One night, this father thought there was a dog on his property and shot at it, beginning a series of haunts that would plague the family for years.  The haunts took place, focusing upon the family throughout the 1800's, often committing violent attacks. The Bell Witch is said to have predicted World War I, World War II and the Great Depression, and even launched an attack on future President Andrew Jackson during a visit to the farm. The Bell Witch promised the family that she would return to haunt future generations, but never appeared again. The tale of the Bell Witch incorporates all aspects of paranormal activity; violent attacks, voices, prophecy and movement of objects, and is most horrifying to believers since a historical tale of an apparition that actually resorts to violence is rare.

Those looking for a horrifying Halloween experience can visit the Bell Witch Farm and Cave, for daytime or night time tours that focus on the history or check out the special seasonal events with psychic readings, hayrides and more. The Bell Witch experience is all about the business of horror.

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