Business Helps Festival-Goers Power Their Electronic Devices With Eco-Friendly Gadget

Just in time for a summer of camping, festivals, and roughing it away from the luxuries of civilization, a new company Orange, offers a unique product to power electronic devices so you don't need to leave your cell phone at home; thank goodness!

Orange Power Pump offers a new product every year to allow festival goers at the Glastonbury Festival to power their electronic devices, and have certainly found their niche. Already the internet is buzzing with news of their unique gadget, the Orange Power Pump which is an eco-friendly way to power gadgets when there's no power source nearby. Created by GotWind, the Orange Power Pump is an airbed pump that requires people to manually generate the power source to charge their cell phone; getting a workout at the same time!

The Orange Power Pump will be making its big reveal at the Glastonbury Festival, and it might just be the next big trend!

Via: Ubergizmo