Business Helps New Parents With Automated Birth Announcements

After giving birth, as excited as new mothers may be; the last thing they have the energy to do is call relative after relative to make the big birth announcement. A new company, GooGoo Grams does all the legwork, but still provides a personal touch with personalized recorded voice messages.

For $24.95 GooGoo Grams alleviates the burden sometimes felt by family members, excited about the new addition to their family, but struggling to remember each and every relative they're obligated to call. Now, expectant or new mothers can record a personalized voice message, telling everyone about their new little bundle of joy. GooGoo Grams will automatically phone all 25 people on the list of people to call, and deliver the message to the person who picks up the phone, or to the answering machine, so that everyone can share in the joy of the new parents.

Of course, GooGoo Grams isn't so archaic strictly to rely on phones; it also sends an email notification to a list of 50 recipients chosen by the new parents, so even more relatives can share in the happy news! The service package provided by GooGoo Grams automated birth announcements also includes an online birth announcement and a keepsake CDROM.

Is this business an innovative example of the modernization of the parenting and baby industry, or is it strictly keeping up with the times?