Business Ideas for the Afterlife: Guaranteed Travel to Heaven or Hell

Reserve a Spot in Heaven provides travel packages to guarantee your place in your preferred afterlife destination. This small business, which is the only Heaven or Hell reservation site on the internet, proves that there is an open market for every weird and wacky entrepreneurial concept.

Put your religious beliefs aside, because Reserve a Spot in Heaven claims to have no affiliations to any group or organization, but do 100% guarantee (or your money back!) that you will get in through the heavenly gates or walls of fire when your time comes. Depending upon the travel package of your choosing, you will receive a one-way ticket to your final destination, a certificate of reservation, an ID card, a 101 survival guide and a VIP pass to step behind the velvet ropes of Heaven or Hell.

While the products shipped are tangible, I shouldn't have to tell you that the guaranteed spot in the afterlife is merely a fun gag. But who can really be sure, they can guarantee their services because it's not like clients can take them to small claims court from beyond the grave.

Two packages are available ranging from $12.79-$15.95USD, but group rate discounts are also available. After all, they do encourage you to make sure that all of your family, friends and even pets reserve their spots before Heaven or Hell reach maximum capacity.

According to their FAQ page, if it is an angelic ascent you seek, wings are even available by request. However, in order to be eligible to purchase, you must first earn them through flying lessons and certifications. When you're on your way to Heaven, it's a must that everything is done by the book.

Reserve a Spot in Heaven/Hell is simply a fun business idea that could make a great gag gift for someone you love (or maybe desire to get even with, in the case of Hell). Even their website is an entertaining read that presents their travel services in a manner that makes them appear legitimate.

While the business itself is partially genuine, it proves that there's room for entrepreneurs to be creative and capture a market that's good for a laugh.



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Nov 11, 2008
by Anonymous

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Nov 11, 2008
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 Thank you for the tip, I

 Thank you for the tip, I will definitely check out their site!

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