Innovative Business Ideas for Halloween

Today I bring to you Halloween business ideas, surprise, surprise.

I have to say, I was disappointed to find that while the holiday itself is weird and wacky, the corporations that surround it are pretty usual. They range from haunted houses, to event planners that will decorate and provide spooky catering for your party, to costume and decoration shops and other creepy adventure evenings. Could it be because the holiday itself requires so much creativity, and is already an out of this world concept, there's no room left for businesses that match the same standards? I care to argue (of course I do!), it's just a market that is ready for further development. So, entrepreneurs, put on your thinking caps and come up with a Halloween business plan that will make us scream (from fear, happiness, or just the innate creativity)!

I discovered three interesting Halloween businesses that have already captured the holiday's market. Craigdarroch Lodge in Scotland gives grownups an opportunity to escape the trials and tribulations of trick-or-treating with their tots and have the pants scared off them in a more mature way. After all, who said Halloween is just for kids? Freeform Games allows you to enact your own terrifying, dramatic plot in the comfort of your own home and Halloween Adventure gets you into the spirit and the holiday gear with one of the biggest selections available online.

Craigdarroch Lodge specializes in various murder mystery evenings and weekends throughout the year, but at the end of October their feature events correspond with the season. The theme is witches and wizards and it has been coined "The Legend Brahan Seer Trail". To add to the creepy factor, the festivities are based on a true story. If it's one you're not familiar with, then let me enlighten you. 17th Century Highland prophet, Kenneth MacKenzie, otherwise known as Brahan Seer, made some terrifying predictions with his physic powers as the warlock of the glens. When you attend their murder mystery weekend, you will learn more about the spooky truths by participating in a treasure hunt that follows his legends. And it wouldn't be Halloween if they didn't ask you to dress up, would it? Well, it will have to be. The good news is that while YOU will be spared, the vehicle you enter in the treasure hunt will not. Prizes are given for the best decorated cars. Rates for the rooms range from 109-169 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) which include a 2 night stay, breakfast, one dinner and all the murder mystery you can handle. Learn more about the Craigdarroch Lodge and their Halloween entertainment here .

If time away this Halloween isn't for you, consider hosting your on murder mystery party at home. Who wouldn't take the opportunity to terrify their friends, anyways? There are a number of companies that provide complete kits with everything you need. Freeform Games has some great options. Themes include gruesome murderous acts at sea, in court, in an Egyptian tomb, at a birthday party for an oil tycoon, and on the western frontier. Let's not forget my personal favorite, Death on the Gambia, which is a plot that includes spies, smugglers and scientists (accurate or not, I can't help but picture Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness).

No matter what your plans are for today, or the days surrounding Halloween, you'll need a costume. If you're like me, you'll also be tired of dressing yourself up as a witch or ghost and I bet your kids are too! Halloween claim that they're the masters of masquerade, and I'd have to agree. Shopping on their online store you will be able to find that unique costume and meets any theme and fits any size. A few more of my personal favorites...


While their peak period inarguably surrounds the month of October, clearly business has been booming this Halloween since the majority of their costumes are sold out.

Halloween may only roll around once a year, but when you find a way to keep the profits flowing year round, your holiday ideas will pay off. Get your creative juices flowing, and establish your own weird, wacky, or terrifying seasonal business. Oh, and if you're just not feeling it today, there's lots of great recipes online to recreate creative juices and other substances that are pretty convincing. Hey, it is Halloween afterall.

Oct 31, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Hi Mo,

Thank you for your comments about the article. I have updated the link to the newer address. Just so you are aware, using the keywords "murder mystery at home parties" the old link is the number one hit.

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Nov 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Halloween Innovations

I agree that Halloween gets a bit old as far as corporations are concerned. This year, Shot In The Dark Mysteries began personalizing two games for corporate and private use - Bloody Christmas (to cure the world of boring Christmas and Holiday Parties) and The Halloween Howler for a very reasonable price - $239.00 US.

The idea is that companies can either use the game as a company party or a chance to connect with clients and potential new customers in an intimate and unforgettable way. It's fully customized for the business, with name, location, suspect names, motives and all other sorts of details, unique to that company, included.

The response has been fantastic, and those who participate love it. How many clients will forget a murder mystery party in which they were a suspect, or guessed the killer?

Leigh Clements
The Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark

Nov 3, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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Thank you for exposing readers to Shot in the Dark Mysteries


Thank you very much for your comments and letting me know about Shot in the Dark Mysteries. I will be featuring various businesses for the Christmas and holiday season and will definitely check out your website and consider a feature on Bloody Christmas. I will keep you posted!



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