Business Ideas Take Center Stage: Live Networking For Entrepreneurs With Bloblive

A few months ago, I introduced you to Biz Equity; a business tool for entrepreneurs that allows them to predict just how profitable the small business they aspire to build will be. Biz Equity provides insight into the prospective financial standings of small business start-ups, but subsidiaries of the same company focus on the other important aspects; coming up with a good business idea, getting feedback, and gaining the exposure that is a necessary part of any entrepreneurial startup. Enter Ideablob and Bloblive.

Bloblive, to date, has hosted events around the Los Angeles and Philadelphia areas to provide entrepreneurs with an open-mic style forum to share their business ideas, work on their business pitches, network with fellow entrepreneurs and gain feedback and suggestions from their business peers. With a little luck at Bloblive events, not only can entrepreneurs find assistance to help them shape their business ideas; they might catch the attention of future clients or investors to help provide for the successful growth of the business, for a $10 attendance fee per event, or a $20 monthly membership charge.

Bloblive, which is sponsored by credit card provider Advanta branched off from Ideablob, a straightforward and effective online forum where entrepreneurs can share their business ideas and allow others to comment with feedback. Since the inception of Bloblive, entrepreneurs can step out from behind their keyboards and have the opportunity to interact the old-fashioned way when sharing their business ideas. The intimate events, which act as live business idea forums, allow entrepreneurs to network and brainstorm in a way that combines the best of both worlds.

Bloblive has a number of events coming up around both Philadelphia and Los Angeles this spring; with a complete listing of events available on their website.

May 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand to Bigger Ideas

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