Business Most Hated By Society: Cold Call Bootcamp For Telemarketers

Okay, so telemarketers are people too, but you know as well as I do that there's nothing more annoying than the phone ringing at the most inconvenient time when there's a telemarketer trying to sell you something you neither need nor want. Good telemarketers are the ones that close the deal, and often times, the most effective and successful ones are also the most annoying. So where do telemarketers learn their persuasive skills? Enter Cold Call Bootcamp.

There are multiple cold call training consulting companies, which are a branch-off of more traditional (and occasionally less annoying) sales training seminars. These seminars teach prospective telemarketers about prospecting customers, and sales techniques to close the deal. I can relate to the difficulties of cold calling, through sales experience in recruitment; but it doesn't make the business any less detestable when I'm on the receiving end.

No doubt in these seminars, telemarketers are taught to annoy people during dinner, ignore protests or pretend not to hear statements like "I'm not interested", and manipulate senior citizens by making friends in order to meet their quotas and bring in the big bucks. Annoying or not, telemarketing is a huge business, and the effective yet irritating tactics can't come naturally to everyone; so companies like Cold Call Bootcamp have to work with new recruits.