Businesses Of Illusion: No Green Thumb Required With The Grass Painting Industry

We all like to have green lawns to add to the curb appeal of our homes. A green lawn gives a great first impression that a home is well cared for. But seeding a lawn to healthy, green perfection can be challenging for even the lawn care professionals. Now, a new trend in landscaping is emerging; grass painting, which is being embraced by lawn care businesses and homeowners throughout North America.

Grass painting is an industry about illusion; perfect for those who don't mind embracing deceitful methods to convey the impression they desire. While grass painting has been used to preserve green athletic fields, and on occasion, even golf courses, this trend in landscaping is relatively new for residential homes and has encouraged the growth of niche grass painting businesses. Companies like Tate Turf Painting, the alleged leader in the grass painting industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Tate Turf Painting, grass painting has its benefits; it's cheaper than seeding, results are immediate, it's environmentally safe and helps protect the lawn in the winter. Each paint application lasts up to three months; the only problem is, you have to get over your own deception if you want to keep up illegitimate lawn appearances.

The grass painting industry is not new, but sometimes, new and successful business ventures are about extending the market to make it accessible to the average consumer.