Butt Covers For Pets Give New Meaning To "Rear Gear"

Rear Gear.... "no more mr. brown eye" reads the header card.  A butt cover for my dog or cat.  Wild!  I love it!



Don't worry, it doesn't stick to your pet's butt; it's just a cute little ornament that hangs from his tail.


Rear GearRear Gear


Rear Gear x 3Rear Gear x 3


Selling in as many styles as it does, including custom, you're dog's rear could be the topic of conversation for a month of visits to the dog park. 


Big Selection of Rear Gear pet butt tagsBig Selection of Rear Gear pet butt tags


Now, your cat...  Have you ever seen a cat react to something attached, even loosely, to her tail?  I think you would have to tranquilize her to get away with a butt cover; otherwise you may never see her again. 

The mother of Rear Gear butt covers, known as RearGear on Etsy, is a 23 year-old civil engineering student and, as you would note, an entrepreneur. 

Very cute idea, Rear Gear.  And thanks for the great tip, Steve!

That's the buzz for today!



May 6, 2010
by Anonymous

Hi. Not to be a hater or a

Hi. Not to be a hater or a flamer, but this is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen. I can't believe someone made this bs.

May 7, 2010
by Anonymous

That is just flat stupid.

What, is this psychotic moron offended by the sight of a dog's rear end? Pervert.