Butt Lifts: The Next Boob Jobs


Butt Lift?: image via yourplasticsurgeryguide.comButt Lift?: image via yourplasticsurgeryguide.com

Let me ask you a blunt question... Is your ass dragging?  If diet and exercise isn't getting you ready for your string bikini or Speedo® this summer, you might want to consider one of the few cosmetic surgeries that has grown in popularity even during the current recession... the butt lift. 

The sagging butts of men and women just may become a more popular target for the plastic surgeon's knife than boobs. I read that butts are now in and boobs are out, and if that's true, you should know what you're in for....

First, there's a lot that a butt lift will do for you, but it doesn't work miracles, even though the butt in the photo above looks pretty darn good.  Be realistic though; butt lifts can't do anything for your lack of muscle or skin tone.  Obviously, if you're young and in good shape, the results will be better than if you're older... like us boomers.


Buttocks lift: before and after: image via realself.comButtocks lift: before and after: image via realself.com


Boomers, I hate to tell you this, but even with a butt lift, you may still not want to wear a string bikini in public (I know that because I've looked at about a zillion before and after pictures.), even though it could make a world of difference to your derriere when clothed in tight shorts or pants.


Butt Implants

Buttocks implants, like breast implants, can really shape you nicely, and the neat thing about them is that they can be customized. Yes, you can draw your own butt!  Butt implants are the most reliable ways to get exactly what you want in the upper or mid butt. Generally, incisions for implants are made in the crease between the butt cheeks so they won't be visible.


Male butt implants: ©Plasticsurgery.comMale butt implants: ©Plasticsurgery.com


There can be complications from buttocks implants, like infection and excess fluid build-up, which your surgeon should watch for.  Because implants involve stretching the surrounding tissue, they can be very painful.  And there is possibility that they will shift and you will need to repeat the surgery... ah, well, there are risks in all surgeries....


Butt Liposuction

Liposuction techniques have changed since the procedure was first introduced, but they still involve the suctioning of fat from your buttocks. 

Female butt liftFemale butt liftA cannula tube is inserted through a very tiny incision in the skin, and it is directed to a targeted fatty area.  Then it breaks up the fat and sculpts the area, while the fat is removed with a vacuum. 

Your surgeon may use a super-wet technique for this procedure, where a saline solution containing local anesthetic and adrenaline is injected, making it easier to break up and suction the fat.  This method has the added advantages of reducing bleeding during the procedure and lessening chances of infection and pain after the procedure.  The tumescent technique is similar to the super-wet technique, but it uses even more fluids.

 Still a third technique injects the fluids, but uses ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) to liquefy the fat. Said to be well-suited to breaking up more fibrous tissue, UAL also has the advantage of minimizing trauma and blood loss.


Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilians seem to have gotten all the right butt genes - men and women.  It's just not fair, but since we have plastic surgeons who can perform Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs), maybe there's some hope for us.  BBLs use your own body fat and re-inject it into your butt in the desired areas.  A BBL would be an alternative to a butt implant, but is used with liposuction of the buttocks or fat grafting from another area of the body.

Once the fat is removed from your butt or other area, it is purified, concentrated, and reinserted into your buttocks at various places to enhance areas where you desire more fullness. Brazilian Butt Lifts have the advantage of using your own fat, so there is less chance of rejection by the body than with butt implants.  If your surgeon is a very skilled sculptor, then he or she can achieve results similar to the ideal butt implant.


Brazilian Butt Lift: ©Allure Plastic Surgery CentersBrazilian Butt Lift: ©Allure Plastic Surgery Centers


I have some good general sources for you below, but if and when you are seriously thinking about a butt lift, try to find people in your area who have had that specific kind of plastic surgery, as some surgeons do nose jobs better than butt jobs.  Ask around and if you find people, ask if they are happy with the results and then, of course, who their surgeons are.  

Make several appointments (usually first consultations are free) with different surgeons and see who you are comfortable with.  Talk to people in the waiting room and find out if they are happy with their surgical outcomes. Look at the office staff... ask abou their surgeries.  Don't be shy; that's why you are there!

The surgeon will show you photos of his or her work so you can get a relative idea how much to expect from your own butt lift.

But, a few words about before and after photos...

  • Before photos are generally taken with more light than are after photos; bright lights enhance fat, wrinkling, and dimpling of the skin; dim lights minimize them.
  • Before photos show patients with lighter skin than after photos, in which patients may looked tanned
  • Before photos may be shot closer to the patient showing more detail, while the after-photos are shot further away showing less detail.
  • And, there's always a chance the after-photos are after-photo-shopped!

Here's another great way to get your butt in shape for the summer... exercises for the butt!   See you at the beach?

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