Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Gets The Job Done In Half The Time

Imagine being able to cook a perfectly tender 14 pound turkey in less than an hour. Most people will tell you it's impossible, but Masterbuilt's revolutionary turkey fryer will make next year's Thanksgiving dinner a whole lot less stressful.

Butterball Fryer is Safe and Efficient

 Turkey frying can be dangerous using a traditional fryer; Masterbuilt's Electric Turkey Fryer uses a specialized, patented basket to lower your turkey into the oil, so you'll never have to worry about burning yourself. It also uses only 2 gallons of oil compared to the 3-5 gallons needed for traditional fryers. 

The Butterball Electric Fryer is efficient and countertop safe. It features a drain valve for easy cleaning, a convenient folding lid with a window, a digital timer, and an adjustable thermostat temperature control. 

Butterball Fryer Has No Limitations

This appliance isn't limited to cooking turkeys either, it can be used to fry chicken, french fries, fish, and even donuts! If you're looking to eat healhy ditch the oil and boil your food instead!

 The Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt is a versatile appliance that shouldn't be missing in any kitchen hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner. My mother has cooked our Thanksgiving turkey in the oven every year until this year - now she can't imagine using anything else! You can get the Butterball Fryer here.

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