Warplane Models Come Cheaper On The Installment Plan


DeAgostini's 1/16 scale warplane model kits are the closest things to actual miniature flying machines - they do pretty much everything the actual planes do, except fly and shoot bullets. Complete kits, however, contain up to 700 pieces and can cost up to $1,500, so what's the average model-making warplane buff to do?

The solution is simple - subscribe to DeAgostini's model club and you'll receive each kit you need, in order, by mail. Not many model-makers can build a 700-piece aluminum and white metal airplane model in one day. Since you won't build it all at once, why pay for it in one shot? Pay for the kits as you receive them. With each kit costing around $15 to $20 and with up to 100 kits required to compete a model, DeAgostini's installment plan makes good financial sense.

Here's a commercial for DeAgostini's model of Japan's best-known World War II fighter plane, the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero", that has been shown on Japanese TV lately:

The most recent kit for the Zero fighter model, number 7 in a series of 100, was released by DeAgostini on October 13 at a cost of 1,590 yen (about $18). Subscribers will also receive a high-quality glossy magazine that (besides including assembly instructions) discusses the Zero's role in the Pacific War, variants of the type, and competitive fighters fielded against what was, for it's time, a flying technological marvel. (via Japan Probe)

Oct 12, 2009
by Anonymous

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Oct 13, 2009
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