Buzz: Company Makes Caffeinated Breakfast Food For The Coffee Addicted!

Everyone loves a morning cup of coffee, but sometimes one just isn't enough. So you don't need to keep on filling your bladder as a result of too many wakeup beverages, one company that caffeine addicts are sure to love is making other caffeinated breakfast foods.

Caffeinated Breakfast FoodsCaffeinated Breakfast Foods

Buzz makes sure you can get your morning caffeine allowance all in one meal so you don't need to pour cup after cup of coffee that can result in far too little time spent at the your office desk, if you know what I mean. Buzz creates bagels and donuts with caffeine. The buzz is in the toppings and spreads, like icing, sprinkles, and even the cream cheese on the bagel so it's also possible to choose exactly how much caffeine you're getting in your meal and adjust based on just how hard it was to wake up that morning!

Buzz Breakfast FoodsBuzz Breakfast Foods

Where Buzz products will be sold, or if they plan on opening up their own cafe or coffee shop, we don't know yet, but the idea of getting caffeine through foods that might be indulged in anyways is a great idea for those who can't do without!

Sep 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Great for Junkies & AM only

Serve this 24/7 to the Junkies & for the rest of us in the AM hours.

Looks unique & tasty.

Bring it home in the Freezer case or Own store?