Bye-5 Room Light Doesn't Leave You Hangin'

Everyone likes getting a high-five, and no ones likes to be left hanging. Now, with the Bye-5 light switch, you can not only feel good about the environment, you can feel good about yourself. 

The Bye-5 is a concept design from Da Deng, and resembles - guess what - a hand on your wall. The hand shape comes with a soft, skin-like texture that encourages you to touch it on the way by, and is sturdy enough that you can give it a nice, encouraging high-five as you leave the room, turning off the lights behind you.


Bye-5 Light Switch: up high, down low.Bye-5 Light Switch: up high, down low. 


Of course, that's not all the Bye-5 does. Once you've given it a solid high-five, the Bye-5 lights up with a dim backlit LED so you don't trip on the way out.

 It's a simple design, and we have to admit the hand-shape is kind of weirding us out, but we can see the appeal. The Bye-5 is an easy way to turn off the lights as you go by, but with the tactile feel of a sweet high-five in return. With its dim-light LED, you don't have to worry about falling on your face, and the Bye-5 will never pull away at the last second, leaving you looking like an idiot as your hand slaps your own leg.

Sure, the Bye-5 might be the only friend you have, but you've got to hand it to him - he's a pretty cool guy.

Source: Tuvie