C-String Thongs: Because Regular Thongs Are Too Modest

So you love thongs, but they just don't show enough skin, or maybe the strings annoy your and cause panty lines. Whatever the reason, you can solve all your problems with the c-string thong. You can't get any smaller than a c-sting thong when it comes to ladies' underwear. C-String ThongC-String Thong

The c-string thong is more than a one trick pony. You can wear this thong under dresses, jeans, or any other garment that might reveal panty lines. According to Amazon, the c-string thong can also be worn as a swimsuit bottom. You will have to be one brave, confident woman to work the c-string as a bikini bottom. Yes, this undergarment will keep your hips free from tan lines, but still. Also, while this isn't in the product description, the c-string thing could work as a headband. 

There's a thin wire that serves as the frame for the c-string thong. The front piece grips to your pubic area while your butt cheeks hold the back in place. Quite literally, there will be a stick up your butt. In some images (which I won't post here for NSFW reasons), the back even peaks out over the top of the cheeks, which would look far worse than panty lines, you would think. Front of the C-String ThongFront of the C-String Thong

Back of the C-String ThongBack of the C-String Thong

The real question surrounding the c-string thong is this: Why not just go commando? If panty lines concern you or you don't want tan lines when you're in the tanning bad, skip underwear all together. Some men commented on the product page and claimed they loved how easy it was to take off their wives. Wouldn't it be even easier to take off nothing? There are times and places for the ridiculously small c-string thong, but as daily wear? Not a chance.  As a swimsuit? Nope. If you want to set your lady bits free, then set them all the way free. 

If you still want to purchase a c-string thong, you can choose from different colors on Amazon

Source: Gizmag

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