C Concept Begins New Era For Lincoln

Lincoln has been talking about doing a total revamp on their line of vehicles for quite some time. A few days ago at the North American International Auto Show they surprised everyone by unveiling the first in this new line of vehicles, the Concept C, and shared some of the intentions they have for it.

The introduction began with lights projecting images of leaves all around the floor and ended as the C pulled forward onto the stage flashing a mint green exterior. Inside, leaves and vines are embroidered onto the bench seats and flow into dash panels.

The windshield flows back and up over the heads of the passengers, where a panoramic roof takes over and continues flowing toward the rear window of the vehicle. Tall, wide windows on either side offer an almost unhindered 360 degree view of the surroundings. When combined, the roof, windshield and side windows provide the occupants with an almost convertible feeling without all the added wind and noise.

Powering the concept C is a revised 1.6 liter inline 4 EcoBoost engine that offers 43 mpg. According to Ford the Ecoboost was the perfect choice for the new C as it provided more than enough power while also offering a high return for every gallon of fuel.

The plan behind the Concept C is rather simple. Provide the luxury and comfort that has become synonymous with the Lincoln name, in a smaller more affordable package that will appeal to both the younger and older generations of car buyers. I think it's safe to say the concept C has done just that.

Sadly, there are no official plans for production yet, but Ford has said they are planning to review as much feedback as possible and make a decision from there. If it is put into production, the C will be the smallest vehicle Lincoln will offer and it will also most likely carry the lowest price tag.

The introduction of the Lincoln C Concept can be best described by a quote from the CEO of Ford Motor Company during the unveiling of the new Lincoln lineup; "Lincoln rocks." Enough said.

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