Cadillac Cures Blind Spots With A Live Streaming Video Rearview Mirror

The 2016 Cadillac CT6 boasts an interesting and innovative feature: a rearview mirror streaming live, high-resolution video from a hidden camera that improves rear visibility by 300 percent.

While rearview cameras have been a growing trend over the past few years, Cadillac is the first to combine the camera screen with the rearview mirror. The resulting wide-field view vastly improves on anything an analog mirror can provide since the camera doesn't have to contend with passenger's heads, seat backs, luggage, pillars and the rear window's restrictive frame.

The guts of the system are an HD camera and a TFT-LCD display that, according to Cadillac CT6 executive chief engineer Travis Hester, “reduces glare and allows a crisper image in low-light situations, versus a traditional auto-dimming mirror.”

The display, by the way, packs 171 pixels into each inch of the 1280 x 240px screen. As for the camera lens, never mind that it looks like one of HAL 9000's beady little eyes. Thanks, Dave.

Being as it's mounted outside and exposed to the elements, the camera is covered with a hydrophobic (“water-hating”, not rabid, heh) coating to ensure optimum visibility any time of day and in all weather conditions. Don't like or need the enhanced rear view? No problem: simply flick a toggle switch and your CT6's magic mirror loses its special powers.

“The streaming video is a significant enhancement for the luxury customer interested in purposeful technology,” states Hester. Indeed, the new CT6 isn't your grandfather's Cadillac... if it were, its rearview mirror would probably be flashing 12:00. (via Digital Trends and Motoring TV)