Cafe Precious in Tokyo Offers Net Surfing in Style, 24-7

My wife is in Japan for a few weeks and she's emailing me from the Cafe Precious, an Internet cafe in Tokyo. I checked out their website and was amazed - cheap, flexible pricing gets visitors a wide range of services, his & hers washrooms and 54 menu choices.

The Cafe Precious in Tokyo's Setagaya ward seems to be an average Japanese net cafe; my wife chose it not just for its services but mainly because it's nearby to where she's staying.

We're both impressed: her because Tokyo's chilly and the cafe's warm, me because I had no idea Japanese Internet cafes were so accommodating.

"Accommodating" is the word - net cafes in Japan often are surrogate homes for many part-time workers and those who just don't want to go home from work in the evening. This one is especially convenient - it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and if you think spending so much time there will cost you big time, you'd be wrong. How does 1,980 yen (about $20) for 9 hours sound?

Cafe Precious also offers a "night pack", which gets you 6 hours (beginning after 11pm) for just 1,200 yen (about $12.50). Comfy seating, washroom access, online services (including computer)... have you checked out nightly rates at hotels lately?

It should be said that the above mentioned services are anything but basic. Cafe Precious offers a choice of seating options including "pair seats", reclining seats and even massage chairs with varying degrees of privacy. The interior map shows a "drink bar". The menu... wow!

Every one of the 54 listed choices looks tasty & healthy, and the prices are astonishingly low (figure roughly 100 yen = $1) with nothing over $10. No wonder The Wife's been emailing me from Cafe Precious nearly every night!

Check out the Cafe Precious website here, and a Google-ized translation page here. As they say at Cafe Precious, "Thank you for coming to the store. Please enjoy yourself slowly."