Caffeine Inhaled Rather Than Imbibed: Great Idea?

You want to be caffeinated this immediate second because, after all, you are awake and that means you have to sort of do things NOW. Patent # US 7078016, also known as Delivery of Caffeine Through an Inhalation Route, guarantees a quick caffeine fix. This 2002 invention concerns aerosols containing caffeine that are used in inhalation therapy.


How does Patent# US 7078016 work, you may ask ever so alertly and intelligently? Well, the delivery of caffeine is effected by a condensation aerosol, which simply stated, is formed by producing a heated vapor of caffeine which is then further condensed to form aerosol particles that are comprised of less than 5% caffeine. When the vapor cools, it forms an aerosol, which is then inhaled by the unfortunate recipient of such.

If you are wondering whether you will experience the sensation of “Man, that’s coffee” when you utilize Patent# US 7078016, don’t. Some things in this world are meant to be drunk and other to be inhaled. You wouldn’t drink a cigarette if you are still among those who smoke, would you? No, of course not. And why? Because it would ruin everything.

What would they do with all those coffee mugs, for one thing?

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Happy caffeine to all and to all a good…whatever!

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