CAIPORA, A Robot To Help In Dangerous Situations

In the last few years, the robot industry has taken a huge leap forward and robots have been getting an ever growing attention. Nowadays, robots' creation usually has the goal to replace humans or to replace an action which would require human action - the most recent and notable example are the drones, used by US military forces and, so it seems, to be used by Amazon for quick deliveries.

A branch of robotics aims to use robots as replacement for humans in potential harmful scenarios, such as deactivation of explosive devices, or simply to reach places that are dangerous for humans to be in. CAIPORA, a robot built in Brazil by two companies from the country, has this specific aim.

CAIPORA consists of a "base-robot", like a platform, and two "mini-robots" for reconnaissance and observation. The base-robot has an articulated arm, with a maximum reach of 1 meter (almost 40 inches) and a load capacity (when distended) of 10 kg (22 lbs). It also has a multi medium radiotransmission system, zoom and infrared cameras, illumination system and the ability to attach other accessories, such as the M16A2 rifle seen in the picture above. The two mini-robots, one aerial and the other terrestrial, have wireless communication with the base-robot and several camera systems.

With this "multi-acessory" setting in the base-robot, CAIPORA can be used for several different missions: other than the already mentioned explosive deactivation, CAIPORA can neutralize human targets with the weapon setting, making way for Special Forces to act, or even participate in search and rescue missions.

Other interesting features of CAIPORA are that it can operate even if flipped on its side, it can climb stairs up until 35º, as an autonomy from 2 to 4 hours, has a 3 km (almost 1.9 miles) control radius and a speed of 2km/h (1.24 mph).