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Wine Barrel Cake - Perfect for the Wine Lover!Wine Barrel Cake - Perfect for the Wine Lover!

Pastry chef and artist Mike McCarey creates gorgeous cake artwork that is sure to get your mouth watering.

Since 1995 he has been designing and creating customized cakes and ensures that no two cakes are exactly alike.

Brown Bear Cake - Ice Fishing, Anyone?Brown Bear Cake - Ice Fishing, Anyone?

Mike attended cooking school in Denver, Colorado and from there began working as a pastry chef at various hotels, restaurants and bakeries in Colorado and New York. When in Washington State, Mike decided to focus primarily on cake and thus began Mike's Amazing Cakes.

Bridge Wedding Cake - Replica of Rialto Bridge in VeniceBridge Wedding Cake - Replica of Rialto Bridge in Venice

Mike's cake art is guided by two principals: "the concept being presented should be as accurate and true to life or as animated as possible and should have as unique a perspective as can be conjured up. The structural principals of architecture constantly influence Mike's work and he draws great inspiration from a wide range of illustrators such as Alphonse Mucha, Normal Rockwell or James Christensen."

Dragon Cake - For the Ultimate GamerDragon Cake - For the Ultimate Gamer

He has made his unusual cakes for many celebrities, including Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Palmer, Rodney Dangerfield and Julia Childs. He has also created cakes for Microsoft, Disney, Starbucks and The Smithsonian.

Porsche Cake - Which One is the Cake?Porsche Cake - Which One is the Cake?

Tank Cake - Replica of Abram's TankTank Cake - Replica of Abram's Tank

Halo Cake - Perfect For That Video Gaming GroomHalo Cake - Perfect For That Video Gaming Groom

Lighthouse Cake - Replica of Lighthouse on Oregon CoastLighthouse Cake - Replica of Lighthouse on Oregon Coast

Broadway Cake - Lucky in Love on BroadwayBroadway Cake - Lucky in Love on Broadway

I love cake, and this artist does an excellent job of replicating various scenes and objects to look like the real thing. He is definitely a master of his craft. I'd have to say that my favorite is the Broadway cake because it's so colorful and diverse. Which one do you like the best?


Thanks to Mike and his Amazing Cakes! You can view more of his awesome artwork at his website .

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Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

very cool indeed

I love them all but only the brown bear cake I would eat if it's chocolate though it's to beautiful to eat.