Calamete Pasta Fork Enables Neat Noodle Nibbling

Calamete - it's five tines better!Calamete - it's five tines better!
The Calamete Design Fork answers the question spaghetti-benders among us never thought to ask: "How can I eat my noodles without using a spoon?" Frankly, I never thought this to be a problem but that didn't stop the designers at Sanyo Precision Corporation & Yume-Pro from working up a solution.

The Calamete joins the revered spork in the pantheon of unusually practical kitchen utensils, even though it would look right at home in a Klingon pasta gift basket or Worf's breakfast nook. Indeed, the Calamete sports an wickedly curved extra tine that grips one's slippery noodles like the Terminator's opposable thumb as it reaches for Sarah Connor. "I'll be back... for second helpings!"

As for the name, "Calamete" sounds vaguely Italian and is easier to pronounce than, say, fivek.

Will it succeed? Hard to say... personally I'm not allowing anything that pointy near my mouth without a dentist in attendance. The 880 yen (about $8.50) price is another sticking point - sorry - and airport security will be tempted to clear the terminal every time a Calamete appears on their x-ray scanners. Thanks, but I'll avoid "calamity" and stay with my spork. (via Rakuten)