I Can See Your Clock From Here!

There are many things that should not be magnified as large as the Big Digital LED Calendar Clock. At more than a foot wide and 7.5 inches deep, this is a perfect gadget for a clock-watcher. I bet it can even be seen by clock-watchers in Russia.

Seriously though, the Big Digital LED Calendar Clock isn't just for offices, it is for home counters or walls where one can always look, day or night, and find the day's date and time. This nearly 16 x 8 inch calendar clock is the largest I've seen, and the red on black contrast is perfect for clarity, whether you are nearsighted or not.

The Big Digital Calendar Clock is especially helpful for seniors, whose sight or memory may be failing. If placed in a relevant area, the calendar clock will remind you when it's time to take pills, or start getting dinner ready, or even that your favorite TV show just started. This would be a great gift for a parent or grandparent.

You can hang the Big D on a wall or place it on a counter or table. It is easy to set with large buttons at the back, and it has a battery backup, so it will keep running during a power outage. A nice touch is that the AC adaptor fits into a recessed outlet in the back of the calendar clock so that it hangs straight.

For your convenience, the Big Digital LED Calendar Clock is available from Amazon.com.


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