California Baby Promises Happy Bottoms

With all the media buzz regarding the dangers of plastic baby bottles, many parents are feeling trapped when it comes to attempting to provide a safe environment for their kids. Is there anything in this world that won’t poison, maim, or retard us to the point of no return?

Thanks to Jessica Iclisoy, parents can rest a little bit easier, at least when it comes to their baby’s skincare. The California Baby line has been praised by everyone from stay at home moms to consumer critics. So allow me to take a moment to brag about my native California, where we are always coming up with good ideas.

Organic Skin Care - California Baby StyleOrganic Skin Care - California Baby Style

Iclisoy started the line after struggling to find bath products on the market that were organic in their ingredients and safe for baby’s skin at the same time. You can find her products in health food stores all over the place now, and California Baby can truly take credit for being one of the “originals” before all of this Earth Day/green craze hype came out.

Biochemical-Free Butt CreamBiochemical-Free Butt Cream

You can purchase her awesome products and gift sets on her official website , and you don’t have to just be a baby to use the stuff. Adults with sensitive skin relish in her fine line of sun care and lotions. Now you can have something in common with your baby besides your eyes or temperament – add great skin to the list! (Buy here )

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