A Call To Arms – Top Military Products At Russian Expo 2013

Recently, we discussed a few of the most innovative and intriguing products that came out of the 2013 Russian Innovation Fair in Moscow. But while those may have seemed revolutionary, the recent unveiling of a variety of military-grade weapons at the Russian Arms Expo may leave you wanting to head for the hills in search of a safe haven. If you happened to miss the coverage of this three-day event in the small city of Nizhny Tagil, here are a few of the announcements that astounded those in attendance:

The Terminator 2 Tank is Back

Move over Schwarzenegger – this tank support fighting vehicle is the next development in military personnel protection. It is modeled after the famous T-72 tank, the Soviet armored vehicle that has seen numerous conflicts since 1970, and has received updates that allow it to work either in conjunction with or independently from an infantry group. And as its weight has been reduced, from 48 to 44 tons, this may soon become a staple in the combat forces of numerous countries around the world.

Terminator Tank: Source: Russia: Beyond the HeadlinesTerminator Tank: Source: Russia: Beyond the Headlines

ATOMs Aren’t Always Small

Forget the basic units of matter that make up everything – there is a new ATOM in town. The ATOM is a heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle armed with a 57mm cannon with a 3-mile range, and can discharge up to 140 rounds per minute at targets during the day or even at night.

Additionally, the ATOM vehicle has amphibious capabilities as well, and carries armor that can protect eight moving troops from large-caliber bullets and mines. And if that’s not enough, it can be fully customized to increase or decrease the protection, and make the same modifications with the firepower as well. Who knows, maybe it can be used to protect the furry fighters as well.

ATOM Vehicle: Source: Russia: Beyond the HeadlinesATOM Vehicle: Source: Russia: Beyond the Headlines

Robots Fighting Fires

Western United States listen closely – Russia has recently unveiled a new robotic technology meant to fight and extinguish fires in the most remote of conditions. The newly created SPM is a special firefighting robot device, and was made from components previously used in tanks. While this can be used to fight fires in urban areas, it was specifically designed for accidents in ammunitions depots, oil and gas extraction sites, remote forest locations, and any other area that may present a large threat to a significant population.

SPM Robot: Source: Russia: Beyond the HeadlinesSPM Robot: Source: Russia: Beyond the Headlines

While these three weren’t the only innovations at the Russian Arms Expo, they comprise some of the most incredible and revolutionary devices that might soon be used by countries around the globe in matters that may change the world.

Source: Russia: Beyond the Headlines

Oct 14, 2013
by Anonymous

SPM Robot: is there are guy

SPM Robot: is there are guy sitting top?