Call For Garage Inventors: Race Your Alternative Energy Car Through Whiting, Indiana!

Really.  This contest is literally for garage inventors. This August, Whiting, Indiana will host the first annual alternative-powered five-mile car race through the town.  The contest is called the Alternate Power Initiative, and its sponsors, the city of Whiting and British Petroleum (BP) Whiting Business Unit wants independent American inventors to design the vehicles.

"Cowster Back To The Future" by Jerry Ong: ©Jerry Ong"Cowster Back To The Future" by Jerry Ong: ©Jerry Ong Spots are limited to the first 20 candidates who meet the requirements, which are pretty tough.  For example, your vehicle may not be powered by solar energy, fuel cells, pedals, or battery.  Nor may it use gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, methane, or alcohol as fuel.  I'll stop listing what will not meet requirements, but believe me there is much more!

In what can only be described as an anti-automaker statement, William Halliar, the chairman of the Alternate Power Initiative, said “Our automotive companies are in trouble and in desperate need of the innovative thinking required to get them out of it.  The problem is that instead of looking to the nation’s inventors, who are working independently, they are looking to engineers who will only offer more of the same old solutions that got them into trouble in the first place.”


There will be cash prizes offered, possibly two, with the grand prize award of $7,000.  And put April 28, 2010 on your calendar!


Alternate Power Initiative via Inventor's Digest



May 25, 2011
by dinni

As much as I appreciate the

As much as I appreciate the initiative I don't approve much with animals being used as alternative source of energy for vehicles. I am sure it's not the case in this contest though. I find the initiative amazing, we need more of this. I might actually consider to participate in a contest like this myself, I'm pretty sure I'll find all the stuff I need at our local auto parts dealer.

Jun 23, 2011
by ThomasSparks

Other Eco-Friendly Car Idea

I also don't agree with using animals as an alternative source of energy for our vehicles. I appreciate more the enhancement of our car parts so that it can use water or solar energy in order for it to run instead of using poor animals.