Call For Inventors! Amazon Wants Green Inventions NOW!




Amazon Green is a new category on where all the eco-friendly products that Amazon sells can be located; it's a handy way to find things.  If you would like to find your thing -- your time, money, or energy saving invention -- on Amazon Green, then here's your big chance to score big! is partnering with Edison Nation to sponsor a competition for new green products withing these categories:

  • Landscaping equipment to power without air pollution
  • Lighting and electrical solutions to save energy and energy bills
  • Plumbing fixtures and toilets to save water
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture utilizing bamboo fibers and sustainable materials
  • Green storage and organization solutions
  • Eco-friendly home and garden appliances

Any new product search that Edison Nation Sponsors must be submitted through its website.  For the Amazon Green submission, it is recommened that you include a 1 - 2 minute  video demonstrating a prototype of  your product and discussing its features and benefits, including what makes the product "green."

Submissions do not have to be patentable for the Amazon Green contest, but they should...

  • Be unique and useful
  • Appeal to Amazon’s consumers and homeowners
  • Create a positive change to the home
  • Minimize impact to the environment

Product submission deadline for the Amazon Green inventor competition is September 14, 2009, midnight, Pacific Time... So HURRY!

Please check all the rules very carefully before submitting and read the Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement carefully with a business attorney, if necessary.  Before submitting an idea, you really should know what your rewards will be and if they meet your desires and expectations for your invention.



Oct 29, 2009
by Anonymous

save the planet

i guess im 2 late for the contest but anyways, i engineered a product that would help stop the poisoning of the earth by a large margin.this product would develope into a new industry, just on its own affecting everone of us in a good way.unless this product is introduced there will be nothing here for our children of the future, im sorry to say. if there is anyone wanting to invest in a better world contact me for futher details