Call For Inventors! Got A Sweet Tooth For Innovation?


Best Sweet® and Edison Nation are teaming up to get your pitch for a new candy.  Not your favorite candy, but a tween's favorite candy which you are going to innovate.  There are some guidelines though, so you won't get totally sugar-highed: 1. You are not required to make the candy or submit a formula; and 2) Your inspiration must be from a widely recognized ice cream flavor.

Do you have all that?  Read it again and digest it slowly.

You see, Best Sweet® is a manufacturer of unique candies.  Currently, the company has two brands:  Baskin Robbins Candy™ and Bee M.D.™, the latter an all natural honey based cough drop, not inspired by ice cream.

Best Sweet is looking for another ice cream brand and flavor(s); once you come up with those, you need to submit your concept of the packaging and marketing materials as well as the candy color(s), size(z) and shape(s). The candy you come up with...

  • Must retail in stores for less than $2.00
  • Your candy idea should appeal to a specific audience. For this search, consider what candy would attract the ‘tween consumer (ages 8-13)
  • Your idea should fit within a leading ice cream manufacturer’s line of branded candy
  • Your idea must be unique and protectable

As always in Edison Nation contests, a short video is highly recommended, including you and your prototyped candy, packaging, display, advertising...  as complete a package as you can. The judges want to see you presenting and demonstrating your concept and discussing its features and benefits.

This competition closes midnight Pacific time, September 21, 2009.  It shouldn't be too hard to spend the next few weeks doing ice cream tastings....

Please check all the rules very carefully before submitting and read the Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement carefully with a business attorney, if necessary.  Before submitting an idea, you really should know what your rewards will be and if they meet your desires and expectations for your invention.